Friday, February 05, 2010

Women's game five

It seems as if the girls have been playing up here in Curl Aberdeen since last month! Yet the main round robin stage of the junior women's event is only at the fifth of seven games. After four rounds, it would appear from a glance at the standings, that the Mhairi Baird/Jennifer Martin team had not won a game this week. In fact they had won two, but these points were not carried forward, given that they were against two teams that didn't qualify.

Jennifer, Mhairi, Mairi Girvan and Rachel Hannen had a good four ends against Hannah Fleming's team, but then the experience of the National Academy team showed through and Fleming moved to three wins from five games.

In other significant games, Jennifer Dodds kept her undefeated record. All the results and standings are here, and Kay Adams has more extensive reports on the games here.

Here's Rachel Hannen, inducted into the Junior Hall of Fame tonight, playing her first game of the week with Jennifer Martin.

Pics by Bob.