Sunday, February 21, 2010

Armchair Olympics 11

The photo above shows the medals which are being awarded at the Games. They are circular in shape and based on a large master artwork of an orca whale by Corrine Hunt, a Canadian designer/artist of Komoyue and Tlingit heritage. Each of the medals has a unique hand-cropped section of the abstract art, making every one different.

You can read all about the medals here.

With a lot of curling still to go before the curling medals are decided next Friday and Saturday, here are the links I've found to be useful and interesting. I'll put these in the sidebar on the right later.

1. Curling page on the Vancouver2010 official site for results - here
2. Mike Haggerty's reports for the RCCC website - here
3. World Curling Federation daily summaries - here
4. CTV news - here

5. On the official VANOC site - here
6. Galleries on WCF website - here
7. On the Associated Press microsite - here
8. On the CTV website - here

Comment and blogs
9. Jennifer Jones for Yahoo! Sport - here
10. Bob Weeks blog - here
11. Al Cameron, via CurlingZone - here
12. Kay Gibb, RCCC Ladies' Branch President - here
13. Nelski's blog - here

14. Daily Host Videos are here
15. News and videos from Eurovisionsports here

Let me know if there are other links that armchair fans should be looking at every day.

I discovered this video on the official Vancouver2010 website about curling in Scotland. It features David B Smith (above) and a loofie, amongst other Scots you may recognise. Enjoy!

And what about yesterday's results? It's fabulous to be able to watch such interesting games with great shotmaking, but it's hard to be a fan! Edge of the seat stuff in the days ahead now.