Thursday, February 25, 2010

Henderson Bishop Semifinals

Today was Henderson Bishop semifinals day at the Lockerbie rink. The big game was the match between Moira Hastings (that's her in the front) and her local side and Maggie Agnew's Ayr team. It was the Lockerbie side which was on top of its game this morning, and ran out comfortably in front. All the linescores are here.

Mary Barr's Kinross team had the measure of Susan Kesley's Murrayfield rink this morning, finishing 9-4 in front.

The Low Road saw Inverness against the Borders, skipped by June Swan.

Abby Brodie took over skipping duties for Inverness, but in a game which swung one way and then the other, her team finished second to the Swan side.

Marion MacDonald's Lanarkshire team were just too strong for Kate Adams' Stranraer this morning. I'm sure it was the red gloves that did it!

Pics by Bob