Thursday, February 04, 2010

Women's tiebreaker

It was Helen King against Naomi Whyte for the remaining place in the Scottish Junior Women's Championship, and the opportunity for four more games.

Here's Helen delivering, with Jen Paul and Eilidh Templeton ready to sweep. The King team took a big four in the ninth end to secure their win.

Fiona Telfer looks worried as Hazel Smith and Helen watch behind.

Here's Naomi, with Sophie Jackson and Heather Morton at the ready. These young curlers from the Dumfries Ice Bowl have a big future ahead of them.

Now, here is the standings table as it looks with the eight 'qualifiers' all together. Note that the teams only carry forward their results against the other three teams that qualified from their section. So this ranking is effectively now after three games, with four more to play!

Jennifer Dodds 3 wins
Lauren Gray 3
Anna Sloan 2
Gina Aitken 1
Lauren Baxter 1
Hannah Fleming 1
Helen King 1
Mhairi Baird 0

Check it against the Royal Club's page here.

Pics by Bob