Saturday, February 06, 2010

Who's qualified in the girls?

It was the last round robin game of the junior women's event this afternoon. Who got through? It's a bit of a story. Here are the FIVE skips that were in contention for the THREE places in the playoffs.

Jennifer Dodds and her team had been on top of the rankings with five wins and one loss. She was first off the ice with another point to add to her total, finishing 8-3 up against Lauren Baxter. Team Dodds are in the final!

Team Lauren Gray also had five wins prior to the last game. They were up against Hannah Fleming. This was a tense low-scoring game, 1-1 after seven.

A steal in the ninth saw Hannah two ahead in the tenth. Lauren had the chance of tying it up with her last stone, but it rolled too far, giving Team Fleming the game. Gray has five wins, and is in tomorrow's semifinal, despite tonight's loss. Fleming now has four wins.

Over on the far sheet, drama was unfolding! Try as they might, Anna Sloan could not get anything going in the first half of her game against Helen King, and trailed 0-4 at the break. Then they got it together and pulled it back to 4-3 after seven. The teams were tied playing the tenth. Anna threw her last well behind the cover. Was it to be good enough?

Helen King and her team had come through a tiebreaker in the preliminaries and were on three wins and three losses when they went to face Anna. What was to happen all came down to Helen's last stone of the game. She had a draw to the button for the win. And she made it! Four points, the same as Anna and Hannah!

It's just as well then that I like Curl Aberdeen, because I'm going to be here a whiley longer. Three teams are tied for the single remaining place in the semifinal. Helen King gets to sit it out, because she has beaten both Hannah Fleming (in the very first match of the competition), and Anna Sloan in the last round. Hannah and Anna will play a tiebreak this evening, and the winner will play King tomorrow morning at 07.00. Let me say that again ... 7AM. Parents and fans and bloggers have decided to have a lock in, an all night party!

Did I not say last week that junior curling was exciting, and unpredictable! I can't cope....

Pics by Bob