Thursday, February 25, 2010

Armchair Olympics 15

Niklas Edin's Swedes beat David Murdoch's Team GB in the tiebreaker last night. I'm sure the boys are gutted, as all at home are. We were hoping for, and if I'm honest, we were expecting better. It was good to see the team back to their fighting best though, and playing as a team, compared with what was on show for all to see against Norway on Tuesday. Again, thanks to David, Ewan, Pete, Euan and Graeme - you are great ambassadors for our sport.

Mike Haggerty's report on the game is here. But unless I was dreaming, Niklas played a hit and not a draw with his last stone.

Watching the GB-Sweden game last night, it was ironic to think that if the radicals within the WCF have their way, tiebreakers like this will soon be a thing of the past. Even though two teams finish on the same win-loss record, no tiebreaker will be played and progression forward will be based on who won the game when they met in the round robin. If this regulation had been in place for this competition, then Sweden would have progressed to the semifinals on the basis that they beat GB in the first game of the round robin. Just something to ponder!

Onwards and upwards. With no Team GB to support in the playoffs, this Armchair Olympic curling fan can settle back to watching some great curling as the semifinals and finals are played out in Vancouver. Then I look forward to restoring some normal sleeping patterns!

Photo of the Swedish players acknowledging the fans is courtesy Michael Burns Photography/WCF. More here.