Monday, February 22, 2010

Hednderson Bishop underway

Monday morning and the first games of the Henderson Bishop competition are underway at the Lockerbie Rink. Here are just a few pics to set the scene. Above Judy Mackenzie and Kirsty Letton. What's Kirsty saying? This could well be Monday's caption competition.

The Letton team, representing the Braehead rink, were up against Mary Barr's Kinross side.

Here's Pat Orr and Anne MacDougall working hard. You can find all the results here. Twenty teams are playing in four sections.

Stranraer's Kate Adams

Alison Bell, Vicky Wright and Debbie Torbet are the other members of the Stranraer team.

Perth's Kathy Cameron

Eleanor Denholm and Maggie Barry look after Barbara Watt's stone. Murrayfield 2 in action.

Pics by Bob. More tomorrow.