Friday, February 26, 2010

What happened next at Lockerbie?

Moira Hastings has just delivered her first stone at the last end in the Henderson Bishop final at Lockerbie. What happened next?

1. Did a stray stone from the adjacent rink knock the Lockerbie front end over?
2. Did the front end just trip over each other, and crash onto the ice?
3. Did the other members of her team decide to rehearse a three-woman sandwich group pose for the next 'Fire on Ice' calendar?

Did you say '1'? That's Fiona Robson and Linda Smith in a heap on the ice. And could that be the incriminating stone? But you are not correct!

If you said '2', you might have been right, looking at the photo above. But this too is the wrong choice.

'3' is the best option. Yes, that's Anne Smith appearing from the bottom of the pile. She had rushed out to sweep and knocked her teammates over in the process! Notwithstanding this upset, the team went on to win the game against Mary Barr's Kinross side.

No ice, ice technicians, or curlers were seriously harmed in the making of this post! And to take a lead from Linda above, that's 'The End' of this season's Henderson Bishop reports from skipcottagecurling! Thanks Linda.

Pics © Skip Cottage