Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scottish Senior Championships

Today was semifinals and finals day at the Scottish Senior Championships at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton. Here are a few pics from the final games.

Isobel Waddell's team of Lynne Stevenson and Elma McCulloch had originally included Edna Nelson. But Edna had to retire midway through the competition, and Kathleen Scott (above centre) was recruited to play second and the team reached the final with a win over the Annette MacDonald team in the semi. Above: Isobel is on the left, Elma on the right.

Jeanette Johnston, Catherine Dodds, Jill Florence and Ruth Addinall had won their place in the final by beating Mary Barr's team in the semi, a five at the seventh being key. Here Catherine and Jill work on Ruth's stone.

Jeanette Johnston

A large crowd packed into the gallery for the finals.

Isobel Waddell

Lynne and Kathleen think about options.

Isobel shows her delight as her team becomes Scottish Senior Champions! Find the linescore here. Russia here we come!

David Clydesdale had faced Keith Prentice in last season's final, and the 2010 Championship showcased the same two teams. Clydesdale with Alastair Wood, Jim Taylor and Douglas Rodger had beaten the Gordon Butler team at an extra end in the semifinal. Above: David has delivered and his stone is in the hands of Douglas and Jim.

Here's Douglas and Jim at work!

David Clydesdale

Alastair watches the outcome of his stone.

David and Alastair look at options. The Clydesdale team were always chasing. Find the linescore here.

Keith Prentice, Lockhart Steele, Robin Aitken and Tommy Fleming had come through the qualifying competition without loss. The round robin this week was without a loss. And they got past Gary Macfarlane's side in a close game to reach the semi. So what was the secret of their success?

It may look as if Robin is doing it with his eyes shut as he and Tommy sweep Keith's stone.

Lockhart Steele is very strong at third.

Great sweeping too.

The final came down to the last stone, Keith needing only to remove one of the two Clydesdale stone in the house. He did so, and Robin clearly is looking forward to representing Scotland at the World Seniors Championships, Chelyabinsk, Russia, April 16-24!

And the flyposting vandals were out again, giving away Team Prentice's secrets! (NB They have The Macallan as a real sponsor.)

Pics by Bob. Presentation pics to come.