Friday, February 05, 2010

Junior men round six

Long gone are the days when the last stone first end was decided on the toss of a coin. Above, the Grant Hardie team takes their turn for the 'last stone draw' prior to their game against Ally Fraser's frontrunners in the sixth round of the Scottish Junior Championships. Thomas Muirhead has played the shot and Cammy and Kyle Smith are sweeping it to the tee.

Well, almost. Here umpires Harold Forrester and Marion Malcolm are measuring. Thomas's shot wasn't as good as Ally Fraser's though, who got last stone advantage. The Fraser team trailed by a shot in the tenth, but laid a big end on Hardie, and remain at the top of the leaderboard, and now Team Fraser has a place in the final!

Glen Muirhead's team won their tussle against Gary Cannell and are sure now that they will be in the single semifinal on Sunday. The other semifinalist will be decided in the last round robin match between Graeme Black and Grant Hardie tomorrow afternoon.

One last question for you then. If both teams cover the button in their last stone draw attempts, what happens? They toss a coin to decide who gets last stone.

You can see the standings, and all the results, here.

Pics by Bob