Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Armchair Olympics 5

If you do your web searches using Google (as opposed to helping the North Highland Curling Trust fundraising efforts and using their search facility here), you will have noticed that the Number 1 search engine has recognised our sport in its logo today. They did similar four years ago, see here.

The Olympics seems to bring out all sorts of odd things related to our sport, and I'm not just referring to the Norwegian trousers. In searching for the unusual this morning, I came across the photo above. I must admit there is something a bit disturbing about it, but it was an entry in an advanced Photoshop contest whose directions were to add an unusual twist to any Olympic sport at Torino 2006. All the entries in that competition can still be found here. Enjoy.

Yes, there is a similar contest for Vancouver. And yes, there is a curling photo amongst the entries (see here). When you look at this, and recognise who the sweepers are, I'm sure you will smile. I'm sure the person who submitted the photo didn't realise the significance.

Would you believe though that someone has come up with a list of ten great songs about curling! The list is here. I was quite taken by the Weakerthans when I first heard 'Tournament of Hearts', and saw the video. I blogged about that here.

I hadn't heard 'The Curling Song' by the Arrogant Worms before. You can share the experience below, or in a larger size here.