Thursday, February 18, 2010

Armchair Olympics 8

That's us into the swing of the Olympics now, with three curling draws a day. Let's say that you DON'T stay up all night to watch all the games on television or computer, where do you turn to first thing in the morning to find out what happened in Vancouver when you were asleep?

Here's what I do. My first call is to the Royal Club website to read Mike Haggerty's reports on the GB games. I'll then probably have a look at main Vanoc curling website, here, to look at the linescores of all the games, and the standings. The WCF website has regular summaries, and also now has a gallery of photos. That's where the photo above of the fans is from, but the site does not credit a specific photographer.

There is a thread on the Scottish Curling Forum here. There's usually a mix of things in this discussion board, and I'm always curious to read what's being argued about! It would be great to see new contributors, perhaps with questions about what they've seen on the box. Not a place to frequent though if you have a thin skin!

Then I'll take a look at who's been writing what about Vancouver. I like the pics and report on the CTVolympics site here.

I always look to see if Bob Weeks has a new post on his blog here. One easy way to see if Bob, or Al Cameron, or other writers, have updated their blogs, is to check CurlingZone, and look to see the ranking in the panels on the left.

I'm enjoying Jennifer Jones' contributions blogging for Yahoo Sport, see here. And she even got to teach Michael Buble to curl, here.

One of the volunteer timers at the curling venue has her blog here, and that gives a further insight into what life in Vancouver is like this week.

Then, depending on the time I have to spare, I'll have a look at the newest Daily Host Video. I like these.

Yesterday, I compared the USA Olympic team's website (here) with that of the BOA, here. Quite different approaches!

Roger Mosey, the BBC's director of London 2012, will be overseeing all the beeb's preparations including the sport and also the Cultural Olympiad, the Olympic news and information services which will bring the story of the London Games to audiences at home and abroad. His interesting article from Vancouver is here, with the theme of the difference in perceptions of the Vancouver Games in Canada and the media reporting in the UK.

Then, of course, there's Facebook and Twitter..............

Well done to Eve, Jackie, Kelly and Lorna on their last stone, extra end win against China, the World Champions.

The top pic of the fans is a WCF photo. The photo of Kelly, Eve and Lorna is by Alex Livesey/Getty ImagesC, © VANOC/COVAN. There are more photos on the official website here.