Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tiebreaker 1

Anna Sloan v Hannah Fleming in the first of the tiebreakers to find a semifinalist. Who would have thought that these two teams would find themselves in this position? It was a tight game, tied after six. Anna led by one coming down the tenth, without.

Hannah's team played the end well and Anna's only shot with her final stone was a freeze on a stone on the button, with two other Fleming stones in the house. She came up short in the attempt, and Hannah had no need for the hammer. It would be the Hannah Fleming team which would be meeting Helen King early tomorrow morning!

The linescore is here.

That's Anna and Hannah in the photo above.

Here's the rest of Hannah's team. Becca Kesley is delivering, and Alice Spence and Abi Brown ready to sweep.

And just one more pic I liked! Claire Hamilton is shouting line, Becca and Hannah are behind.

Pics by Bob. More excitement tomorrow!