Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday's Henderson Bishop at Lockerbie

It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to bring off an event such as the Henderson Bishop. Here, many that are involved in the local organisation at Lockerbie are joined by Ladies' Branch Vice-president Brenda Macintyre (second from right). Linda Imrie (fifth from right) skips the local organising team. (Click on pic to bring up a larger size)

There was plenty action on the ice today at the Lockerbie rink. That's Aberdeen v Greenacres above. Find all the results here.

This is a job they wouldn't let ME do! Helen Crichton sorts out the healthy athlete food provided for the players at the end of each rink. The jelly babies are much loved, it should be said, by umpires and photographers alike!

The Henderson Bishop would not be the same without the great support it receives. Inverness here, with some 'friends'!

Coo would have been impressed!

Brenda Macintyre manning the Ladies' Branch sales table, here with Margaret Brown, LSC rep for the Lanarkshire rink.

Lisa MacKellaich, Inverness

It's the regular 'waiting for the bus' shot, aka Tuesday's caption competition. Here's the local favourites from the Moira Hastings team, Anne Smith, Fiona Robson, Linda Smith.

And here's their skip, Moira Hastings.

Right, as you know it's usually the skip that gets all the exposure. There is a conundrum, "How many thirds make up the whole of the Henderson Bishop?" The answer this week would be twenty of course. Anyway, think Julie Andrews, and 'here are a few of my favourite thirds'!

Marnie Ewart, third player for Barbara Sherriff's Forfar.

Mhairi Baird, third for Marion MacDonald's Lanarkshire 1.

Rita Drysdale, from the Kathy Cameron team from Perth.

Anne Smith, third for Lockerbie

Elaine Semple, playing third for the Greenacres side skipped by Jacqui Crawford.

And Karen Strang, third for Margaret Agnew's Ayr team.

Pics by Bob. Apologies in advance if I have got names wrong! Let me know.