Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Yet more from Aberdeen

I was pleased to note that Ethan Brewster (skipcottagecurling's sometime guest blogger, see here) has been practising his sweeping technique under the guidance of his mum Kim.

And here's dad Tom, multitasking as usual! (We were all pretty sure there was a body in the carpet roll!)

Prior to the final day's games, there was an outbreak of flyposting at the Curl Aberdeen rink.

Here is one of the culprits, Sarah Macintyre, caught in the act!

A 'Mexican Wave', or perhaps more realistically, an 'Aberdeen Ripple' as the finals got underway.

Some family and friends were just too nervous to sit in their seats!

"Now, if you hold your brush like this, you cover your face and he won't take your photograph!" L-R: Naomi White, Heather Morton, Sophie Jackson, Fiona Telfer.

"What's that perfume you're wearing?" Abi Brown and Becca Kesley

"Uggh, that's strong stuff," says Alice! Alice Spence and Becca Kesley

"If my nose is itchy, what does that tell me?" Greg Henderson with Graeme Black and John Penny.

"Look at that, Mairi. Points out of ten?" Mairi Girvan and Vicky Wright

I can now report that a practical joker spread some sort of sticky tasty substance on the rink doors! And everyone got it on their fingers! Here's the evidence above! (Kyle Smith, Grant Hardie, Graeme Black)

"Did you get some of it on your hands, Vicky?" says Tasha Aitken.

"It really is tasty!" Alice Spence and Abi Brown.

"Surely you didn't get it on your fingers too, John," says Graeme.


"Nope, I think it's cheese and onion!"

"Tasty, though."

"But it fair gets stuck in your teeth!"

Hazel Smith's solution to the problem!

Pics by Bob