Monday, February 01, 2010

Karen's deselection

On January 20, British Curling issued a statement which indicated that Karen Addison (above) had been deselected from the Team GB Olympic curling squad. That statement is here.

A couple of days before (here), I had speculated that Karen's non-appearance at the Glynhill Ladies International was indicative that something serious had happened within the British Curling ranks. The facts of what had happened were a mystery to me. Had it been Karen's own decision to leave the squad, or had she been asked to leave? And what had brought things to this point? The official statement added little. Nor did Katie Still's interview with Team Coach Nancy Murdoch, see here.

Karen is keen to clarify her position, and says, "I am being continually asked what actually happened and feel that releasing a statement will hopefully put it to rest."

This is her statement today:

"As recent media reports and statements made by British Curling have left it largely unclear as to the circumstances regarding my exit from Team GB, I would like to clarify that this was a de-selection decision by British Curling, confirmed in a letter I received from Derek Brown, Performance Director, stating the following:

'British Curling Selection Panel met on Saturday 9th January 2010 to discuss your position in the GB Women’s Curling Team. It is with regret that the panel, Chaired by Mike Gillespie, has taken the decision to de-select you under the following criteria:-

Team chemistry/cohesion

This de-selection will take effect immediately. We very much regret having to take this decision but it was felt unanimously by the panel that we had no other option'.

The Selection Panel was made up of Derek Brown, Nancy Murdoch and the non-voting Chairman.

I chose not to challenge the Selection Panel’s decision, through Sports Resolution (UK), to seek re-instatement to the team as I felt that relations between the two parties had deteriorated so rapidly and to the extent that they could not have been successfully repaired before the Olympic Games, even if my appeal was successful.

Reconvening of the Selection Panel was the result of a conversation with the Performance Director in early January where I raised what I believed to be very legitimate concerns regarding the quality of the programme delivered and my preparation as 5th player for the Olympic Games.

My relationship with the members of the team remains intact and I wish the girls every success in Vancouver.

Karen Addison"

Karen's pic is by Bob from the European Championships 2009 at Aberdeen