Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aberdeen Sunday

Having missed yesterday's action at Curl Aberdeen, I was intrigued to find out what had happened in last round robin matches and in tiebreakers. Kay Adams has her match reports here.

In summary, Eve Muirhead won all her games in the round robin, and is in the final, awaiting the winner of this morning's semi between Helen King and Hannah Fleming. The way the standings worked out, Hannah's team did not need to replay their round robin game against Louise Mansion.

On that subject, I am being asked repeatedly "What happened?" that the game was declared null and void. I did not see the game, so I do not feel I can comment in any detail. I would just say that much of the speculation seems to be uninformed. What is clear though is that Colin Hamilton, The Royal Club's competitions' manager, met with both teams following the game to discuss all that had happened, and with their agreement, the decision to replay was made. Given that there had been problems with the smooth operation of the clocks earlier in the game, and that incomplete information was given by the chief umpire to one skip in haste, it does seem to me that declaring the match null and void was the correct call. Hopefully though, lessons have been learned by players and officials alike. It is significant that these games at Aberdeen are the first ten end games that these young curlers have played all season. Crazy, what?

So what about the boys. The John Penny rink beat last year's champ Ally Fraser in back-to-back games, and is in the final awaiting the winner of the Fraser - McWilliam semi, the latter team having come through a tiebreak to gain their place.

Anticipation! You can follow the linescores here.