Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Null and Void

What causes a game to be declared null and void, and it has to be replayed?

Why does controversy always happen when I'm not there to report on it?

I'm still on my way to Curl Aberdeen for the Scottish Junior Championships. I'm not at the rink.... yet. And so I didn't witness what happened this morning in the Hannah Fleming v Louise Mansion game. My 'spy' tells me that Mansion ran out of time, when her team was in a winning position.

Not being party to the discussions which followed I cannot make any comment, except to note that the competition website here indicates that the game is set to be replayed, on Saturday.

I'm sure that once I get there there will be no further controversy. One can but hope!

You can follow the linescores, as I'm doing this evening, on the Royal Club website here. And since the Royal Club is now on Facebook, you can follow reports on the play here.