Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Reunion Tour

Kenny Kinnear is 'suggesting' what shot to play. His attentive teammates are Mike Hay, David Hay and Norman Brown. Great to see David Hay's team in amongst the action at the Ramada Perth Masters today. So here is my tribute to these great curlers.

It used to be that Norman Brown was synonymous with the triple takeout that he played on the way to winning World Junior gold for Scotland some thirty years ago, as Andrew McQuistin's third player. So I'll not mention that here.

The game I was watching this afternoon was a C Road encounter against calendar boy Graham Shaw (have you bought yours yet? See here.) The losers would be out. Norman in the head, with Graeme Black and Graham Shaw behind.

Former National Coach Mike Hay has not forgotten how to play them! He was at second for the Hay team.

Kenny Kinnear was lead.

Here's the skip former Olympic Coach David Hay. Dave played a brilliant draw behind cover to set up a winning last end steal for his team.

Here's caption competition 1. Graeme is hearing his front end shout, "You still have a shot to play." David is saying, "When are you eligible for the Seniors?"

Caption competition 2. 'Kenny contemplates that his deodorant should not have been purchased from Poundland.'

Anyway, full scores can be found here.

Pics © Skip Cottage