Thursday, January 06, 2011

Off to the USA

Iain Davidson sends this photo of the Scottish tourists at Edinburgh Airport headed for the USA this morning. Click the photo to see it larger. See if you can identify them all. In the photo are Jennifer Bain, Yvonne Birnie, Sheena Boyd, Margaret Brown, Margaret Cairns, Caroleen Clark, Jackie Craig, Ann-Maree Davidson, Kay Gibb, Patricia Hughes, Margaret Hynd, Vilma Kirk, Brenda Macintyre, Mary Ann McWilliam, Liz Martin, Sheena Murdoch, Jennifer Ann Mutter, Liz Paul, Barbara Sherriff, and Lynne Stevenson.

Click here to see them in their teams.

Iain says, "I would like to wish them all every success for the Tour and hopefully a favourable outcome of the 121 games they are about to take on." I'm sure we all would agree with this sentiment.

And thanks to Iain who takes over as the chief cook and bottle washer at home with wife Ann-Maree on the tour!

Photo courtesy of Iain Davidson