Friday, January 28, 2011

For the Romantic Curler

The 'Donate Button' has not received too many visits this month, but I can understand that it's not just me that is struggling to make ends meet this weather. So I've been looking at different ways to maintain some income to keep the blog going until the end of the season. I've already sold some stones, and currently there are some handle 'restoration projects' on the For Sale page, here. (Some already been discovered here, and sold, thank you.)

I should just say that if anyone has outdoor stones to SELL, I can put them in touch with a number of enthusiasts who are wanting to buy.

Moving in, with Valentine's Day fast approaching, here is something that might appeal as a gift from one romantic curler to another. Who would not be impressed to receive their very own 'wee stones' on February 14? They are of glass, with gold painted handles. Each is 2cm in diameter. Dinky! They come in red card hand-crafted heart-shaped boxes, originally from Thailand.

This shows the actual size of the box. I have four sets available, slightly different designs on the lids. May I ask £25 minimum for each set, post and packing (in UK) included? The contact details, and email address, are in the link on the menu above, or click here.

(I know I have blogallies in other countries. I would be happy to post abroad, P and P to be advised. But I cannot guarantee delivery abroad before February 14.)

Thanks for looking. And very many thanks to those eighty people or so who have already supported the blog this season, either by donating or purchasing stones. And of course to my 'Blog Supporters', my advertisers, on the right. Do support them.