Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scottish Juniors Thursday 3

This was the standings after three rounds of the Scottish Junior Championships, going into this evenings fourth round of the junior women's event.

Eve Muirhead beat Jennifer Paul, Jennifer Martin beat Louise Mansion, Helen Fleming beat Lauren Gray, all one sided games.

In contrast, Helen King v Gina Aitken was a close one. Helen's side were one ahead, without last stone, playing the tenth. Both skips played great stones with their last - Helen a great draw behind a front guard, and Gina a delicate tap which almost got her the two she needed for the win. But it was only a single, and the teams were into an eleventh end. Gina could not get hidden and Helen did not need to play her last. A win for Team King!

Now, you can do the arithmetic and alter the standings yourself in the table above. Or you can consult the official tables here. (Hint: Eve Muirhead is two points clear)

I thought to keep the camera on just the one game this evening, and get a chance to see a few ends. I picked the Gray v Fleming match. That turned out to be somewhat one-sided. But here are a few photos of the combatants.

The skips. That's Lauren Gray in front, the 2010 champion skip.

Abi Brown, lead for Team Fleming.

"Nope, don't like this one!"

Caitlin Barr, lead for Team Gray

Caitlin making sure her sweepers know what she's thinking.

Becca Kesley is second stones for the Fleming team, and goes into the head when her skip is playing.

Tasha Aitken plays second for the Gray team.

Alice Spence plays the third stones for the Fleming team.

Jennifer Dodds is third and vice skip for Team Gray.

Hannah Fleming

Here's Hannah in full voice!

Skip Lauren Gray

Debbie Knox is Team Fleming's coach.

Alan Hannah is coach to Team Gray.

My favourite of tonight's batch of pics. Jennifer Dodds is in charge of the house, with Becca and Hannah behind.

Photos © Skip Cottage