Friday, January 14, 2011

Scottish Juniors Friday 2

Going into the fifth round in the junior women's event of the Scottish Junior Championships at Curl-Aberdeen, five sides were all on two wins. Out in front of course was Eve Muirhead's team on four wins and they added another point against the Louise Mansion side this afternoon. With the top team after the round robin going directly into the final, it is certain Team Muirhead will be there on Sunday afternoon. But it is anything but certain who will be contesting the semifinal!

In the other matches, Hannah Fleming moved to three wins by defeating Gina Aitken decisively. Aitken stays on two wins. Hannah's team also have a game in hand, courtesy of the void first round match.

Helen King, in her last year of junior play, was against Lauren Gray's team. Now, Team King is always an exciting watch. Two extra ends in the competition so far, and this afternoon they were one behind coming home in the tenth, with the last stone. Lauren played a near perfect freeze with her last, perhaps swept a couple of strokes too much, leaving Helen a delicate hit past the guard to remove the Gray stone and count two for the win. Did she do it? Of course she did!

That put the team into joint second place in the standings, on three wins. I will certainly be reading the Team King Blog later to read what they say about it themselves!

In the battle of the Jennifers (Paul v Martin), the score was tied after eight, and Team Paul pulled through to get their first win in the competition.

You can see the standings here, all the results from today here, and Kay Adams' game reports here.