Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday at Fenton's

These are (almost) all of the trophies which are being competed for at the Fenton's rink this weekend in the Four Nations. The beautiful old one in the middle is arguably the most important. That's the Tom Ballantyne trophy which Scottish men's teams play for over five games (this year) against England. The highest aggregate shots up is the winning country, in each competition.

First up this morning for Scotland in the Tom Ballantyne Trophy competition were Michael McCreadie, Stephen McClymont, Graeme Maguire and Gerry Crighton. They were too strong on the day for Michael Sutherland's team of Phil Barton, Robin Gemmell and James Gibb.

That's Stephen delivering last stones for the team with Graeme and Gerry sweeping. Michael skipped and played third stones.

Phil Barton in the head here, with Michael and Stephen behind.

Stephen is saying, "I'm listening, Michael, I'm listening!"

In the next session the Gourock CC four who did so well yesterday for Scotland were up against a strong English side of Ian MacDonald, Seb Doussin, Keith Wilson and Sam Fowler.

In another Tom Ballantyne trophy encounter, England's John Brown escaped his organising duties to skip England's team of Mark Wilkinson, Ross Barr and Charles Murphy who administered a first defeat to a Scottish four so far in the weekend. James Carswell, Jim Morrison, Stew Sutherland and John McDermott came second on the day.

This was the first game of the Connie Miller Trophy, Scotland v England women! (Trophy is not here. Scotland won it last year!) Rosemary Biggart, Dawn Watson, Catriona Cooper and Elspeth Burton won against the youthful English: (L-R) Naomi Robinson, Angharad Ward, Hettie Garnier and Lauren Pearce.

"Is that a dead fly on the stone there?" The Scots in action.

Rosemary and Hettie

"Do you want sauce with that?"

Sandra Moorcroft was selling raffle tickets for the charity raffle.

What a raffle! Actually as it's the Four Nations' Raffle, I'm hoping to win Scotland, or maybe Wales!

All pics © Skip Cottage