Sunday, January 30, 2011

Universide W4: GBR v Turkey

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Erzurum:

GBR Women have the hammer and Anna blanks the first end and in the second Polkat draws first shot and the GBR skip wrecks on a guard; Turkey open their account with a single.

Third end set up the rest of the game for GBR with Kizilkaya missing against two Lauren draws for a third. Polat is short with her draw and Anna guards first shot and when the Turkish skip misses her second draw in a row Anna draws for 4. Game is very much in control of GBR.

Polat hits and lies shot in the fourth but the fifth finished off the game as a contest as the GBR front end set up four shots with skips stones to come. Polat takes out only one with her take-out and Anna draws in for a fourth counter. Polat again plays the take-out but is all too silent and Anna hits the tee for 5 and for the second consecutive game GBR pick up a five, and a 9-2 lead. Polat misses with draw in sixth and a steal of 1 but does better in the seventh making her draw shot count, conceding after the eighth end which Anna blanked.

After the game a delighted Anna said "We played to a simple game plan and we had far more experience. The five shots came about because they put their stones through whilst we put our stones in the house."

On Korea who lost their unbeaten record to China in this session if the GBR team play to the same level it would give the team a real chance.

This morning's games were delayed for nearly thirty minutes. Overnight snow further up the mountain prevented both the ice technicians and the umpires from arriving on time.

Turkey: Oznur Polat, Elif Kizilkaya, Burcu Pehlivan, Ayse Gozutok
Great Britain: Anna Sloan, Lauren Gray, Vicki Adams, Claire Hamilton

tur 01010 010XX = 3
gbr* 00405 100XX = 10

Great Britain 10 Turkey 3, Czech Republic 8 Germany 1, China 9 Korea 5, Russia 10 Japan 2, Canada 9 Poland 4

After 4 Rounds: 3/1 - China, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Korea, Russia; 2/2 - Canada, Japan 1/3 - Poland; 0/4 - Germany, Turkey