Friday, January 07, 2011

More from Perth

It is always difficult in a triple knockout knowing who to watch. After all, it doesn't really matter whether you take the short road - by winning your first four games - or the long scenic route via the C Road, the objective is simply to qualify for Sunday's knockout stages. One thing is certain though, in an event like the Ramada Perth Masters, there's always a lot of good curling on view, whether it's in A, B, or C.

By late afternoon today, eight teams that had been undefeated in A were reduced to four. Japan's Yusuke Morozumi eked out a 4-3 win over Sandy Reid to stay without a loss.

Team Morozumi. Definite caption material. How about, "Just look at the time. Back home the bus would have been here by now!"

Logan Gray's team added one to their CVs by beating David Murdoch to continue their passage along the A Road.

I hear so many suggestions as to what the numbers mean - few if any are printable here!

Ewan MacDonald beat Neil Joss to stay in A too, as did Niklas Edin who beat Duncan Fernie.

You can follow all the scores on the official website here. And Kay Adams has been blogging. Read her reports here. There's a gallery of photos here.

Claudio Pescia's team is working away in the B Road.

As is Canada's Mike McEwen, despatched there by Neil Joss yesterday.

The Canadian skip played a great shot - a takeout past a guard with no room for error, the jam looking ominous - to count two to win in his last end of his game against Daniel Neuner. Great stuff to watch!

One lane has been out of action for much of today, and as I left the rink tonight the staff were working hard to find the source of the leak! Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Pics © Skip Cottage