Sunday, January 16, 2011

Roundup from Aberdeen

Here are some more photos from the finals and presentations at Curl Aberdeen today. Above are Hannah Fleming and Eve Muirhead, the skips in the junior women's final. All the scores are here.

Hannah's delivery.

Anna is in charge of the head, with Becca and Hannah behind.

Becca in full concentration mode!

Abi Brown and Alice Spence watch their skip's stone. There was seating ice side, in the lounge and in the gallery. Every seat was taken. A great atmosphere and support for the juniors!

Fans in the stands!

Here's Eve in action.

Eve with the front end.

Anna Sloan

Team Muirhead with Alice Spence, on the right, who will be their alternate at the World Junior Championships at Perth, March 5-13. Have you got your tickets yet? Alice played third stones for Team Fleming.

Here is the Fleming team. They had a great week but were obviously disappointed, understandably, losing in the final to the strong Muirhead side. Coach Debbie Knox received her silver medal too. L-R: Abi Brown, Becca Kesley, Alice Spence and Hannah Fleming.

Tom Pendreigh, in the centre, is coach to the Ally Fraser team. L-R: Kerr Drummond, Thomas Sloan, Blair Fraser, Ally Fraser.

Here are the skips in the junior men's final. Ally Fraser and John Penny.

Colin Dick and Colin Howden, Billy Morton delivering.

John Penny. John certainly had the psychological advantage over Ally going into the final game. Team Penny beat Team Fraser at the Ramada Perth Masters last weekend, and twice this week before going into the final game.

Blair and Kerr on their skip's stone.

A Scottish Championship victory has been a long time coming for Colin Dick.


You can make up your own minds what is happening here!

Peace unto you!

Team Penny with Jay McWilliam who has been chosen as the Scottish alternate for the World Junior Championships at Perth, March 5-13.

Royal Club CEO Bruce Crawford oversaw his first Scottish Junior Championship presentation.

David Aitken presents the Jim Aitken sportsmanship award to Struan Wood.

Robbie Scott presents the Scottish Curler/Edinburgh Crystal sportsmanship award to Helen King.

All photos © Skip Cottage