Thursday, January 27, 2011

Curl Aberdeen News

While I was gallivanting down to Fenton's Rink for the Four Nations last weekend, the Aberdeen Ladies Invitation was taking place. The competition was its 24th year and was won by Jacqui Crawford, Elaine Semple, Alison MacLennan and Pat Ross (above). The Crawford team beat Alison Petrie, Carol Scott, Phemie Philip and Jan Kay in the final game.

The photo comes courtesy of blogally Louise Wood who also submits the following report, "Alison Petrie got off to a good start and was ahead after four ends, but the Crawford side fought back and levelled the game after five ends. The real push came in the seventh when a few ‘nearly but not quite’ shots from the Petrie team allowed the Crawford team a free draw for four and an unassailable lead in an eight end game."

Louise has lots more photos from the event here, as has Hugh Craigie, here.

My next trip to Curl Aberdeen will be to support a new event this season, the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open, February 4-6. The organisers now have a full complement of twenty-four teams. Each is guaranteed four games with the competition being played in a schenkel system, beginning at 12.30 pm on the Friday. The top four teams from each section will move forward to the quarterfinals which will be held on Sunday morning.

I'm always up for something new, and I look forward to blogging on this new open event in the curling calendar.