Saturday, January 01, 2011

Four Nations Update

Happy New Year everyone!

Scotland WILL be represented at the Four Nations at Fenton's Rink in Kent later this month.

John Brown, Secretary of the English Curling Association, which is organising the competition, refused to accept Scotland's 'official withdrawal', see here. I posted a plea for players on Skip Cottage Curling (here), and it was also discussed on the Scottish Curling Forum, see here. The response has been good.

John writes, "I now have a list of nine men and six women who are coming down and so would like to put out another plea via the blog for a few more - we really need 12 men and eight women which will give every player three games each. While more would be welcome, they would have to realise that they would get fewer games!

The information people may need is as follows: The dates are 21st to 23rd January - easiest way to get to Kent is to fly to Gatwick Airport early afternoon Friday and you will be met at the airport and taken to the hotels/rink. All transport will be provided while you are down here. Or you can get a train to London and then to Tunbridge Wells and we will pick you up either from station or from hotel if you are playing Friday night. Aim for a flight back Sunday evening, unless you want to stay until the Monday - your choice.

There are two curling sessions on Friday, four on Saturday and three on Sunday - you will not be playing in them all but we are aiming to ensure that every visitor gets three or four games minimum - so we will be restricting the numbers coming down.

The hotels we are recommending are the Travelodge at Tunbridge Wells or the Royal Wells Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, which is also where the Saturday evening entertainment will take place. We are asking you to book direct please - the Travelodge via the website and the Royal Wells Hotel via 01892 511188. If you mention the English Curling Association or Steve Scanlan to the Royal Wells you should get a special rate.

No need to bring a brush as we have plenty here."

So, let's get a few more players to represent Scotland in Kent. It will be a fun weekend for sure. If you need to contact John, send me an email (my contact details are in the menu bar above) and I will forward it to him.