Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scottish Juniors Thursday 4

This was the standings in the junior men's event at the Scottish Junior Championships at Curl Aberdeen tonight BEFORE the teams went on to play their fourth match of the round robin.

Here were tonight's matchups:
1. Penny v Menzies. Would you believe that Menzies ran away with this one!

2. Smith v Mouat. Kyle Smith's team won this.

3. Fraser v McWilliam. Ally's team were too strong for Jay's four.

4. Black v Reid. There was more testosterone in this one, than there used to be in the Saturday afternoon wrestling! A win for Team Reid.

So, you can amend the standings board yourself - mental exercise is good for you at this time of night! And you can check your results on the Royal Club website here.

Just to be different, I thought to highlight the most intelligent members of each team tonight - the seconds. In past times, these team stalwarts had to be able to write. After all they were charged with keeping the scorecards. But that now is the remit of the umpires, and second players in 2011 just have to throw their stones and keep their skips happy. Does anyone know why, in the 1960s, second players would be known as 'silly seconds'?

Anyway, tonight we can salute the following:

Thomas Sloan, in the Ally Fraser team.

Struan Wood, in the Jay McWilliam team.

Scott Fraser, in the Kyle Smith team.

Robert Fawns, from the Duncan Menzies side.

Peter Macintyre, in the Graeme Black side.

James Whiteford is from the Michael Reid team.

Daryl Russell is in the Bruce Mouat four.

Colin Howden plays 2 for John Penny's team.

Photos © Skip Cottage