Friday, January 28, 2011

Kinross Curling Trust AGM

Efforts to build the National Curling Academy with its six-sheet curling rink, Royal Club offices, and museum, have been on hold for a while, until the situation regarding the Market Park site is clarified. As time goes on, it has been hard for those on the outside to keep any sort of enthusiasm for the project. At one point, the project had my full support I must admit, although the spiralling cost estimates did sour my thinking. Then when I learned that the proposed site was under dispute, I just shook my head in disbelief.

The AGM of the Kinross Curling Trust was due to be held on December 5, at the Green Hotel, Kinross, but was cancelled because of the snow. It was rescheduled for last Thursday, but I was unable to attend because of a pressing engagement at Fenton's!

I asked Bob Tait what happened. He has responded, and the following is now on the Trust's web page:

"The AGM on 20 January was attended by 61 members. The Agenda and papers are on the Trust website ( The Chairman’s report (not on the web) covered (a) membership (350), (b) ACDO appointment (the Trust is contributing to the cost), (c) planning consent (the Council’s Committee gave unanimous support to our outline plans), (d) the Trust's response to the land issue (cessation of spending, why we had decided to stick with the Market Park site) and (e) local fundraising where we have reached half of the target of £250000.

The meeting approved the audited accounts to 31 July 2010 (income £136K expenditure £105K). Recent donations have increased the cash at bank to circa £36K; Clubs are understood to be holding a further £45K.

Under AOB, Jamie Montgomery gave the Kinross Estate Company’s perspective on the land. He advised that the Lands Tribunal has set a provisional date for the formal hearing (11-13 April) at Perth Sheriff Court and that a meeting of the parties is scheduled for 31 January. The meeting was suggested by the Stewarts.

The need for further local fundraising was raised to meet the costs of (circa £150K) of getting the project out to tender. Speakers wanted more certainty on delivery before embarking on further fundraising and also urged the Board to get other clubs that use Kinross involved in fundraising.

After the meeting a member handed over a cheque for £200 being sponsorship for the Ben Nevis climb and Boreland CC intimated their intention to rerun their successful golf day.

Jamie Montgomery stood down as a Trustee with Blair Melville, Kinross CC, taking his place. Anne Malcolm replaces Colin Grahamslaw as an RCCC appointed Director. The other Trustees continue in post.”

So, the whole project is not dead as the rumour mill might suggest. But I have to admit that the above does nothing to rekindle my enthusiasm for the project. Sorry, but I cannot but think, "How did we get into this mess?"