Sunday, January 30, 2011

Universiade M4: GBR v Turkey

Another report from Leslie Ingram-Brown in Erzurum.


Simply, the simple works when playing weaker teams when you give little away in chances of surprising you with a big end. Proof of the pudding was the disciplined approach in the demolition of Turkey in Men's round robin game 4 at the Universiade today.

The first end resembled that of last night against Slovenia with four GBR stones in the house and an unknown quantity pitching the first of two strikes which was a raised double take-out by Turkey skip Oguzhan Dikmen followed by a second split out with his last stone and GBR had a draw for only 2. The teams swapped singles over the next two ends and in the fourth GBR lay 3 as Dikmen played his last stone reducing the count to 2. A further steal of a single in the fifth and Glen led 6-1 at the break.

Sixth and Dikman makes another triple take-out then Glen draws to lie three but the Turkish skip is proving a bit of a thorn as he hits for a single but its all over in seven as Turkey give GBR the luxury of a draw for 3 by Glen and it is handshake time at 9-2.

After the game Glen confessed, "This was the type of game you want to play against these sort of teams as a lot of shots in play and they could wiggle in a shot." He went on to say "We did have a bit of a struggle with the stones but during the game we were able to work them out."

Korea remains unbeaten after four rounds with the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Sweden one point behind.

GBR: Glen Muirhead, Alasdair Guthrie, Greg Drummond, Michael Goodfellow
TUR: Oguzhan Dikmen, Cagri Bayraktar, Yusif Bayraktutan, Oguz Zengin

GBR* 20121 03XXX = 9
TUR 01000 10XXX = 2

SCORES: Canada 9 Norway 2, Korea 16 Slovenia 1, USA 9 Sweden 1, Great Britain 9 Turkey 2, Czech Republic 7 Switzerland 2

STANDINGS: 4/0 - Korea; 3/1 - Czech Republic, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland; 2/2 - Canada; Japan; 1/3 - Norway; 0/4 - Slovenia, Turkey.

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