Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scots nearly win something else at Fenton's

We're in the second game of the Connie Miller trophy at the Four Nations at Fenton's. England v Scotland women over two games. Scotland is ahead by three after the first game.

When Rosemary Biggart went to play her last stone this was the position which she faced. The English lay in trophy winning position. Rosemary's takeout was good and she rumbled them all, but it needed McMillan weight.

So it was not to be. And the English have recaptured the Connie Miller trophy.

Lana Watson played two great last stones in the game. Here she is encouraging her sweepers as they swept her stone into an impregnable position.

Angharad Ward, Naomi Robinson, Lana Watson, Debbie Hutcheon, the victorious English team this morning.

Elspeth Burton, Catriona Cooper, Dawn Watson, with Graeme Maguire watching the progress of the Scots girls in the match against England.

Rosemary Biggart, on her second game of the day.

Michael McCreadie supporting our team.

Dawn Watson always so serious on the ice.

Anyway, well done to the Scots girls on their performance.

Photos © Skip Cottage