Wednesday, January 19, 2011

International Wheels at Hamilton

This real stone, donated by Kays of Scotland, is the trophy for a new international wheelchair curling event currently underway at the Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton.

The event is being organised by the South Lanarkshire Wheelchair Curling Club. Provost Russell Clearie officially opened the games yesterday (see here), welcoming the visiting teams from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany and Canada. Two Scotland teams, and three from the SLWCC, are also taking part.

Play continues today (Wednesday), the final session is at 15.10, and you can find the results from this page.

Here are a few photos I took yesterday to give you a flavour of the action.

Tom Killin of Scotland 1 ready to throw in a match against the Czech Republic.

Aileen Neilson, Tom Killin, Michael McKenzie and Angie Malone were Scotland 1 yesterday, although that is not necessarily the starting lineup for Prague. Sheila Swan will be looking after the Scotland team at the World Championships next month, as Tony Zummack has not yet been able to take up his post as the Head Coach for Wheelchair Curling.

Aileen should be the Scottish skip at the Worlds.

Sweden's Patrik Burman with Kicki Ulander bracing.

SLWCC's Mary Bell.

The Czech team in action.

There are two German teams at Hamilton. Following a split after Vancouver, a second side skipped by Jens Jaeger, with Caren Totzauer, Martin Schlitt, Wolf Meissner and Heike Melchior, has emerged. They call themselves the Mainhattan Ice Rollers. That's Caren above.

The Canadians are here of course. That's Ina Forrest delivering, with Jim Armstrong bracing. The controversial Canadian was not skipping the game I watched, that job being taken by Darryl Neighbour.

Angela Higson, organiser, and player. It looked to be a great event and hopefully, if sponsorship can be found, will become a regular feature in the calendar.