Friday, January 14, 2011

Scottish Juniors Friday 4

These were the standings going in to the penultimate round robin matches in the junior women's event at the Scottish Junior Championships at Curl Aberdeen tonight.

Starting again at the top. Eve Muirhead's team has been dominant so far. How would she get on against last year's champion, Lauren Gray? One end really decided it - the fifth. Muirhead picked up a four to go ahead 5-2, and they were on their way to another win.

Helen King's side had fought hard for their three wins, and made it four against a plucky Louise Mansion team.

Hannah Fleming's team, with a game in hand of course, also moved to four wins by beating Jennifer Paul's side.

Just in case anyone is confused - it is Jennifer Martin who skips the rink called 'Baird' on the standings. Mhairi plays last stones. They were up against Gina Aitken's side tonight and ran them out of stones in the tenth.

You can work out the new standings for yourself, or look at the official ones on the RCCC website here. King v Muirhead, and Fleming v Baird are the crucial games in tomorrow morning's last round robin session.

Right, now for some photos. I've concentrated tonight on the Eve Muirhead team since they have qualified already for Sunday's final game.

Skip Eve Muirhead. Grrrrrrrrrh!

Lead Rhiann Macleod

Second Vicki Adams

Third Anna Sloan

Eve again

And here calling the shots!

"No, I said look right!"

"Rhiann, that's your left!"

"I think Rhiann must be seeing something we're not!"

A conference call in the fifth for Team Gray - Tasha, Jennifer, Lauren and Caitlin. Then a 'coach interaction' .......

... which led to Lauren drawing her final stone (the red one) to the back of the four foot around the guard, and we can see here Eve's last stone about to edge it away for a four!

Photos © Skip Cottage