Saturday, January 29, 2011

Universiade M3: GBR v Slovenia

Leslie Ingram-Brown continues with his reports from Erzurum:


When you open with a shot count of 5 the problem can be keeping the concentration, the exact situation facing Glen Muirhead's team here at the Universiade third round men but to be fair in the second end Lajovec played a good draw shot for his 2. Singles were exchanged for the next three ends giving the GBR Men a 7-3 lead at the fifth end break.

Kerr Drummond who had come on for his first game, meanwhile, had to leave the field of play after only two ends due to a virus he had picked up after a couple of days. He was replaced by Michael Goodfellow for the remainder of the game.

Sixth end and GBR lie three shots. The Slovenian skip Lajovec draws and is only fractionally away from shot in the four foot but GBR steal a single to lead 8-3 followed by a further steals in the seventh and eighth ends of 1 shot for GBR to be 10-3 ahead and Slovenia conceded.

Afterwards Glen explained the opening end, "We just kept throwing yellow stones into the rings and they weren't making the shots." After the loss of the 2 at the second Glen said "It was a slack end after the big end. He decided, "We won't do anything silly again and that's why it was pretty simple scoring from there."

Asked about the Slovenians he said, "They have only been curling for three months," and agreed that there can be no real expectations in playing in such a competition. Everyone hopes they will learn from the experience.

Slovenia: Jost Lajovec, Gasper Ursic, Jure Culic, Tomas Tisler
Great Britain: Glen Muirhead, Alasdair Guthrie, Greg Drummond, Kerr Drummond. For GBR Kerr Drummond was substituted by Michael Goodfellow in the third end due to illness.

SLO 02010 000XX = 3
GBR * 50101 111XX = 10

SCORES: Switzerland 8 Turkey 2, Great Britain 10 Slovenia 3, USA 6 Norway 5, Czech Republic 7 Canada 4, Korea 9 Sweden 4.

Top photo: GBR supporters in the arena.

Five shots on the board in End 1!

Michael Goodfellow came off the bench to substitute tonight.

Alasdair Guthrie in the head, Slovenian skip Jost Lajovec, and third Gasper Ursic behind, all watched by Kerr Drummond, Nancy Murdoch and Gordon Muirhead.

Photos courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.