Saturday, January 22, 2011

Glynhill Saturday Report

First draw of the day at the Glynhill Ladies’ International produced one surpirse, Mirjam Ott from Switzerland, who has years of experience at top level, lost her third game of the event to Olga Ziablikova from Russia (that's her in the pic above in her game against Sarah Reid). A tight game in the early ends, Ott led by one after five, then it all went wrong for her, Ziablikova scored four shots over the final three ends to win the B section game.

There were no other surprises in this draw, in section D Anna Hasselborg won her game against Daniela Jentsch, Hasselborg was unbeaten after three. Jackie Lockhart had no bother in her tie against the young Swiss team skipped by Michele Jaggi, final score 11/4. Ludmilla Privivkova kept up her winning ways in section C with a 7/2 victory over England’s Kirsty Balfour. And in section A there was still no joy for Viktoria Makarshina, Silvana Tirinzoni took the game 8/3.

In draw two Binia Feltscher from Switzerland was struggling. She’s lost her first two games, in this one she met Gail Munro also winless. Gail got set up for a win with a big three in end four, a two in the sixth and a steal of one in seven, game over 8/3 to Munro. Silvana Tirinzoni had her second game of the event against Eve Muirhead, there was never any doubt about the final outcome, Eve got her win 9/5. Anna Ohmiya from Japan had a great first day, in this round she was up against Gillian Howard, a big three in end four set the Howard rink up, they made no mistakes and came out the winners 7/4. The Latvians skipped by Iveta Stasa-Sarsune had a tough opening day and day two started just as badly. Mirjam Ott, in her second game of the day made sure of a win 8/3. Sarah Reid dominated her game against Claire Milne, she had six shots on the board after four, Milne zero. They shook hands after six on a score of 7/1 to Sarah Reid.

Third draw of the day and this will be the last game of the round robin stage for some teams. In section C Gail Munro, Kirsty Balfour and Binia Feltscher were all in that group. Feltscher, without a win was up against two time Olympic Champion Anette Norberg and this one was the surprise of the day. The scoring was low but Fletscher was in charge of this game. Norberg went into the last end two down without last stone. She lay three but Feltscher made no mistake, Norberg scored a single but Feltscher won the game 4/3. Gail Munro and Kirsty Blafour met in this round, this was Munro’s game all the way, she led by four at the halfway point and came out the winner 10/3 in six ends.

Olga Ziablikova let her section, she met Sarah Reid, it was tight till end five when the Russians scored three shots, Reid could only reply with a single, Ziablokova won 6/2. Anna Hasselbourg had no trouble winning her first three games, in the last of the round robin Michele Jaggi from Switzerland was the target. It was close but Hasselborg came out on top 5/3. Jackie Lockhart had her last game against Fabienne Furbringer, and what an interesting scoreline. The teams matched each other shot for shot, and they were single shots, final score 4/4 and thanks to 3 points awarded for a win and 1 for a draw the scoreline counted. But it did Jackie no harm.

Anna Hasselborg is qualified for the quarter finals on 4 wins, no losses. And Jackie has qualified on 2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, two teams still had a game to play but couldn’t catch Lockhart.

Section B was settled after this round as well, Olga Ziablikova and Mirjam Ott are qualified.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day, two of the Ziablikova team are heading for home tomorrow en route for the World Universiade Games in Turkey starting next week.

Last draw of the day, the quarterfinalists would be known after this one. And this was quite a draw. Eve Muirhead had no trouble beating Anna Ohmiya 8/1 in just six ends, that put Eve on 4 wins from 4 games. Daniela Jentsch had an easy game against Fabienne Furbringer, final score 10/1 to Jentsch. She finished in third spot in her section out of the quarter finals. Claire Milne versus Iveta Stasa-Sarsune…. yet another high scoring game, 12/2 to Claire but she hasn’t made the quarters.

Gillian Howard met Victoria Makarshina in her final game, they finished tied on a scoreline of 7/7. The Howard team’s record is 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, enough to make the quarters.

Now the really bad news, what on earth happened???? Anette Norberg versus Ludmilla Privivkona, it was over in just five ends, I can hardly bring myself to record the score 6/0 to Privivkova! That left Norberg and Munro tied on 2 wins 2 losses, and with 6 points. But Norberg had beaten Munro so should still qualify.

Kim Brewster

Team Anna Hasselborg

Anette looking concerned.

The event website is here.

Words by Christine Stewart, and photos by Hugh Stewart.