Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scots win something at Fenton's

Well, Scotland's honour was at stake at 09.00 this morning. James Carswell, Stewart Sutherland, Jim Morrison and John McDermott had to 'not lose' by more than eleven shots and Scotland would have won the Tom Ballantyne Trophy. That's presented for the England v Scotland men's matches over five games. Going into this morning, four games played, Scotland were ahead.

Could our four musketeers do it. Scotland's honour was at stake. They had even gone to bed early... Early in the morning!

The mood on the mini bus out to the rink was sombre. Tensions were high.

The Scots face a strong England side. Phil Barton, above, was the skip, and he had Doug Andrews at third, Ivan Zadorzny at second and James Gibb, lead.

John McDermott and Stewart Sutherland sweep their wee hearts out on Jim Morrison's stone. Remember, this is 09.30, Sunday morning, not known as the traditional 'best time' for Scottish performances.

Did they do enough? Yes, they lost 3-6 to the English, but that was enough to ensure that the Tom Ballantyne Trophy is in Scottish hands for the next year. Well done to all who took part in the games! (Alastair McIntyre, Derek Cardiff, John McCall, Walter Barclay. Michael McCreadie, Stephen McClymont, Graeme Maguire, Gerry Crighton were the others who represented in this trophy competition.)

Laura Beever and Rosemary Biggart. The Scots lost this one against the Welsh this morning.

More reports later.

Pics © Skip Cottage