Friday, January 28, 2011

Canada v GBR in first men's draw in Turkey

As I write this I'm watching LIVE webstreaming of Turkey v the Czech Republic of the second round of the women's curling competition at the Universiade in Erzurum. Go here to watch too. It helps a little if you speak Turkish! Thanks to Sandy Morton for the heads up on this link:

Here is Leslie Ingram-Brown's report on the first men's game.


In the end the scoreline of 7-4 in favour of Canada is just about a true reflection on the game as Glen Muirhead's side opened against what looks like a very strong Canadian quartet skipped by Jonathan Beuk who himself played some very impressive draw freezes in the three shot win.

The score was 1-1 after three ends when in the fourth Muirhead going for a hit and hopeful roll struck the wrong side of the target stone with his shooter, rolled out, leaving Canada a free draw for 3 shots and a lead 4-1. GBR blanked the fifth and the sides exchanged singles over the next three ends and the scoreline of 6-2 in the Canadians favour but the GBR men were fighting back and playing much stronger than the Canadians forcing the hand of Beuk on more than one occasion but never really getting the results deserved.

The ninth end was crucial and again the Muirhead quartet were putting on the pressure. Lying 1 shot with his first stone Glen drew to lie 2 but well apart over the house. Beuk with his second opted to try an across the house double which carried some risk, failed in only taking one shot leaving a delighted GBR team to grab a pair and go into the final end only 6-4 back.

More pressure again but you always got the impression Beuk had the making of the last stone whatever GBR was doing. Lying for an extra end but with both stones in close proximity Beuk made the perfect double for a single shot and the winning margin of 7-4.

Afterwards Glen was not too down beat suggesting that if the team could perform as well as they had done in the latter part of the game things would improve. He said that he knew nothing about the Canadian team but any team that comes out of Canada is always strong. He said, "The 3 in the fourth was crucial as we were not really getting it together. I hit the wrong side of the stone and were always chasing from there."

Asked on the ice he was very honest in not using it as an excuse, but did admit that later in the game he found it had gone straighter and more difficult to draw behind.

SCORES: Canada 4 Great Britain 4, Korea 9 Norway 5, Switzerland 12 USA 6, Sweden 12 Slovakia 0, Czech Republic 9 Turkey 2.

GBR 01000 01020 = 4
CAN * 10030 10101 = 7

The official website for team lineups and match results is here.

Photo of Gen Muirhead in today's game is courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.