Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Columba Cream: Draw 3

An interesting experiment this week at the Perth rink. These sticky mats guard access to the ice itself - all to try to minimise the pickups which seem to be plaguing the game these days.

So, this morning the postponed games from last night took place. Two teams were undefeated in two starts. The Jackie Lockhart team was one of these. A win over Sarah Reid put another point into the bag.

All the results and standings can be found here.

Here's Team Lockhart:

Skip Jackie Lockhart

Third Karen Kennedy

Second Kim Brewster

Lead Sarah Macintyre

"That's a good one, Kim. Can you do any other funny faces?"

My other featured team from this morning is the Gilliam Howard side. They looked to have the beating of Hannah Fleming this morning, but lost it at the last stone. Team Fleming are also undefeated after three.

Here is Team Howard:

Skip Gillian Howard

Third Louise Soutar

Second Judith McFarlane

Lead Fiona Steele

Photos © Skip Cottage