Sunday, February 06, 2011

Race Night at the City Open

An excellent buffet was just the prelude to the Saturday night entertainment at the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open.

It was a Race Night. Each team had to nominate a jockey for THEIR horse in four races. The four winners would contest the final.

You all laid your bets with 'The Tote' above.....

... and collected your winnings later.

The going was good.

I don't think Maggie Wilson has ever been called 'Horse Number 6' before.....

... but despite her best efforts, her horse 'Donna' failed to cope with the conditions in the third race.

The TV cameras were in attendance.

The jockeys were well turned out. (For those younger blogallies, go here to understand the connection.) Billy Henderson had my money in this race. His horse 'Teachers Trouble' took all of it into the charity pot in Race 4. Did I mention that the whole purpose of the evening was to raise money for the UCAN charity?

Albert Middler was a great MC for the evening.

Here the four jockeys prepare for the big race of the evening. My money was on Iain Grigor, trap 2, with 'Tee-Line'.

First past the post!

'Tee-Line' basks in the winner's enclosure after the race.

Great fun!

Photos © Skip Cottage