Friday, February 18, 2011

Bruadar: Draw 9

That's Hammy McMillan against Logan Gray, with Duncan Fernie and Tom Brewster on the sheet behind. It was the final round robin games of the Bruadar Scottish Men's Curling Championship this evening.

Brewster was on a 7-1 win-loss record, and by beating Fernie moved to 8-1, and Team Brewster is in the Page 1-2 game. Fernie was 5-3, so finishes the round robin on five wins and four losses.

McMillan (on 4-4) beat Gray (on 5-3), so both these teams are now on five wins and four losses.

Reid (on 5-3) beat Murdoch (6-2), and that result leaves both these teams on a final record of 6-3. Because Sandy's team beat Murdoch, they are ranked higher and will finish in second place in the rankings, and will meet Tom Brewster in the Page 1-2. Murdoch ranks third.

That all meant that three teams were tied for the fourth spot, as we waited for the Hare-Shaw game to finish. Frazer Hare was two up coming home and duly completed what was necessary. Team Hare also finished the round robin with a 5-4 record. That makes four teams - McMillan, Gray, Fernie and Hare - all on five wins.

Two rounds of tiebreakers beckon for the fourth playoff place! Once I've found out who plays who and when, I'll update this post here.

Here's the UPDATE: The four teams were ranked as follows. Logan Gray was worst of the four having lost to Hare, Fernie and McMillan. These three were ranked on their average draw shot distance, and Hare had the best. So it will be Hare v Gray, and Fernie v McMillan at 21.30 this evening, and the second tiebreaker at 10.00 tomorrow. Hope that is clear. I'm just unpacking my sleeping bag and getting settled. Just as well I like the Dewar's Centre, it's almost been pointless paying for a hotel room this week!

One positive. There's every chance someone might see the bat tonight!

Photo © Skip Cottage