Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Presentations

L-R: Fran Stretton, Katie Wood, Lord Provost Peter Stephen, Susan Kesley, Jenny Barr and Carl Thompson, representing sponsor Petrofac.

Here are the runners-up. L-R: David Jack, Louise Wood, Struan Wood and Kim Brewster.

Wat a minute, there's someone missing .....

That's better. Same as above, with Ethan Brewster!

Sponsor Carl Thompson, centre, with the winners of the 3rd-4th playoff, a game that went to an extra end too. L-R: Mark Buchan, Ewan Chesser, Angus Robertson (skip) and David Millar.

Her's Carl again, in the centre, with (L-R) Alan Cairns, David Steel (skip), John Thomson, Hector Ramsay.

Photos © Skip Cottage