Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Universiade W8: GBR v Germany

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Erzurum:

Sadly Germany were never at the races and this was like a stroll in the park for the GBR Women. Singles at the first two ends before Germany blanked the third and took a single in the fourth, then leaving Anna a free hit for 2 in the fifth and a 4-1 lead at the break is all this game is really worth describing. I was really hoping for a better second five ends.

Sixth was blanked and in the seventh GBR lay 4 before Schoell threw a last stone draw and on a measure GBR counted 1. Eighth and GBR lie 1 and Germany elect to draw the shot into the open side to lie 1. Ninth and once again GBR dominate and lie 3 and with her last stone of the end once again Schoell draws but finishes outside the GBR stones and Sloan puts the icing on the cake with a draw for 4 shots and a win 9-2 as Germany concede.

Afterwards Anna said, "We kept it simple and played to the standard we have been playing and came out with the win. We played more of a hitting game whilst they drew more against Canada and we caught them out."

Tomorrow afternoon GBR Women play the Russian Federation in what will be a game which could decide the Ranking 1 or 2 for the semifinals.

With China playing Japan in the last round robin game the winner will provide the fourth semifinalist for Friday morning with Great Britain, Russia Federation and Korea already qualified.

(Bob note: It is semifinals, rather than a Page, which will be played.)

Great Britain: Anna Sloan, Lauren Gray, Vicki Adams, Claire Hamilton
Germany: Pia-Lisa Schoell, Franziska Fischer, Josephine Obermann, Anne-Christine Barthell

gbr* 11002 0104X = 9
ger 00010 0010X = 2

SCORES Great Britain 9 Germany 2, Korea 11 Turkey 3, Japan 6 Poland 5, Russia 4 Canada 3, China 6 Czech Republic 5.

7/1 - Great Britain, Russia; 6/2 - Korea; 5/3 - China, Japan; 3/5 - Canada, Czech Republic; 2/6 - Germany, Poland; 0/8 - Turkey.

The official website is here.

Top photo shows Anna and Lauren watching as German third player Franziska Fischer looks after her skip's stone. Photo courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown.