Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Universiade M9: GBR v Switzerland

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Erzurum:


Both teams knew the significance of this round robin 9 in that if GBR won then they would be ranked in first place after the round-robin; if they lost Switzerland would jump them in the rankings and they could finish as third placed team to qualify for the semifinals.

The first end was a bit of cat and mouse, Switzerland being the cat and Great Britian the mouse as in the end the mouse won and Glen hits for 2. The third end belonged to Hess as with two magnificent draws the Swiss picked up a 2 and in the fourth stole a single after Glen had played a hit against 3 and removed only one. Hess replaced the srtone for 3 and Glen's draw came up just short and Switzerland had a steal of one, their second of the game.

Fifth end and Glen faces three again but this time this is no error as GBR count a single to be down 4-3 at the fifth end break. Nothing was going right for the GBR team and no matter how hard they were trying it just was not happening and they managed to drop another three shots through ends six and seven to be back 7-4. There was a glimmer of hope in the eighth end as Glen drew shot against two Swiss counters but on conceding another single in the ninth GBR conceded.

After much beating about the bush and trying all sources we (the media room) were advised the tiebreak we already knew about between Canada and the Czech Republic would be played tomorrow and the winner would play Korea. Well by subtle piece of imagination that means that GBR will be up against Switzerland 13.00 FrIday C.E.T and the Women will play thir semifinal at 09:00 C.E.T.

After the game Glen was not too downbeat at the defeat and, yes, it was better to have this sort of game now rather than in the play-off matches. He said, "We can still get first spot if the Czech Republic defeats Korea as they have the best DSC. We just had a barrier of bad shots. We tried to climb back out of the trough but we didn't seem to be getting anywhere."

To-morrow is a day off. (Thanks Leslie, enjoy it. Bob)

Switzerland: Pascal Hess, Stefan Meienberg, Jean-Francois Mayoraz, Bastian Brun
Great Britain: Glen Muirhead, Alasdair Guthrie, Kerr Drummond, Michael Goodfellow

SUI 10210 2101X = 8
GBR* 02001 0010X = 4

Switzerland 8 Great Britain 4, USA 7 Slovenia 1, Korea 6 Czech Republic 5 (extra end), Canada 7 Turkey 2, Norway 5 Sweden 4.

7/2 - Korea, Great Britain, Switzerland (On LSD / DSC); 6/3 - Canada, Czech Republic (on round robin result)( tie-break); 4/5 - Norway, USA; 3/6 -Sweden; 1/8- Turkey; 0/9 - Slovenia.

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