Sunday, February 06, 2011

Best Smiles at the City Open

We've now reached the serious end of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open. This is quarterfinal day. But there's still time to have a look back and reflect on what's gone before. Have the competitors enjoyed themselves? That's Sharon Rounding, above.

In contrast to many of the 'serious' competitions covered on Skip Cottage Curling, there have been lots of smiles on the ice at the City Open. Should we have a competition? Above is Rhiann Macleod. Vote 1.

Maggie Wilson. Phone 07909 9887 and add -2 if you want to vote for Maggie.

Add -3 if you want to vote for Louise Wood.

-5 if Jean Fettes' smile tickles your fancy.

Susan Kesley is -6

And in the MALE category, here are Hector Ramsay's and John Thomson's best efforts.

David Robertson and Neil Durno. Winners?

Photos © Skip Cottage