Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Columba Cream Teams

We're still not 100% sure if the Bruadar men's third round draw will go ahead this evening. Best predictions are for practice at 20.30. It could be a late night!

The women's draw was cancelled. However, in the well used words, 'here are some I prepared earlier'. The Sarah Reid team is from last night. The Lauren Gray team is from this morning.

Here's Sarah, with Kerry Barr, Kay Adams and Barbara McFarlane. They have played two games, won one, lost one, as you can see from the Standings Table here.

Skip Sarah Reid

Third Kerry Barr

Second Kay Adams, and no, this is NOT a caption competition!

Lead Barbara McFarlane

Here's the Lauren Gray team, who, but for a misjudged sweeping call on last stone of their game against Hannah Fleming, might well be sitting on two wins. However, they have won one and lost one.

Skip Lauren Gray

Third Jennifer Dodds

Second Tasha Aitken

Lead Caitlin Barr

Photos © Skip Cottage