Thursday, February 17, 2011

Italian Sauce and Batty Bat

I'm tired this morning, really really tired. It may only be the fourth day of the Columba Cream Scottish Women's Curling Championship - and the curling as interesting (and noisy) as ever - but I just want to go to my bed. You see I've been up all night chasing THE story of the week.

It all started when I noticed this white bucket sitting innocently on the carpet between sheets 4 and 5. I just assumed it might be there to catch an odd stray drip from the ceiling. But no.

It's there to feed the bat. NO WAY, I thought. But apparently nocturnal visitors to the Dewar's Rinks are not infrequent.

What to do? Well last night, when everyone had gone home, I emerged from my hiding place under the media table and set myself up for a vigil with my camera!

I confess it was a lonely uncomfortable night. But rewarding .......

This has to be my photos of the year! I'm even thinking of entering it into the Royal Club's photos competition, see here.

Mind you, I'm wondering if I might have been set up? Could it all be diversification by the centre management to offer wildlife tours in the future? Certainly increased ticket sales are in prospect for the World Junior Championships if visitors could be assure of a 'wildlife experience' during the week. (For details of tickets click the event logo on the right.)

Wait a minute though. Head ice tech Paul Martin has apparently never seen the bat himself, although his staff have. Could it simply be that Paul is BATMAN?

Or maybe Robin?

Pics © Skip Cottage