Sunday, February 06, 2011

Quarterfinals at the Petrofac Abedeen City Open

The Kim Brewster team topped the red section with three wins and one peel. Second was Andy Cameron with three wins and a loss. Paul Stevenson was in third place with two wins and two peels, and the Susan Kesley team qualified, just, on two wins, one peel and one loss, just four ends better than the Jay McWilliam team which had the same won - loss record.

In the blue section, Team Hutcheon was top on three wins and one peel, the same as Angus Robertson, in second place in the ranking just on shots difference. Third was David Steel on two wins and two draws. Fourth to qualify from this section was the Sandy Reid team on two wins, one peel and one loss. This was the same as the Billy Henderson side, but Reid came through on ends!

For the quarters the teams met as follows:

Brewster v Reid. That's Kim and Sandy above. Team Brewster was two down playing the last and Kim engineered it beautifully to command the end. Sure of two, but she had a difficult draw through a small port for the winning third counter, after Sandy had made it hard for her with her last. She got through the hole, but was too heavy. Extra end!

In the ninth, again Kim and her team had control and had two counters when Sandy went to play his last. He tried a delicate double, failed to make it, and Team Brewster was in the semis!

Robertson v Stevenson. That's Paul Stevenson doing the shouting. Angus behind. This came down to last stone, Angus hitting and staying for the two he needed to win.

Hutcheon v Kesley. Susan and Andrew above. Great game this, indeed all four quarters were close. Susan was one up coming home and was lying three when Andrew went to play his last. He was a fraction long and on a measure it was Team Kesley which would progress.

Cameron v Steel. Andy 'Zebra' Cameron and David Steel. David looked to have this one tied up, with his team three ahead after six ends. But Andy's side got three back to tie up the game coming down the last end. Steel went behind the guard first. Cameron needed to be right on top of it but the stone hung a little wide, and Team Steel is in the semis.