Sunday, February 06, 2011

Photos from the City Open Final

Here is the linescore of the final of the Petrofac Aberdeen City Open. I should explain that Team Jack = Team Brewster. Kim Brewster skipped the team, and David Jack played second stones. He entered the team in the event.

When the two teams had met in their section they had played out a tied game. Evenly matched, it was all square at the finish of eight ends in the final! That's Kim Brewster in front, Susan Kesley behind.

Louise Wood threw first stones for the Brewster team.

Here's another of Louise.

David Jack played second stones.

Cue for a song? See here. I was a big Manfred Mann fan in the 60s. 'Wayward boys and girls' indeed, David!

Struan was third stones for Kim.

And in fine voice too on his skip's stones!

Kim Brewster

Jenny Barr played lead for the Kesley team.

Katie Wood was at second.

The front end discussing what THEY would do!

Fran Stretton was Susan's third. Susan, Fran and Katie have played together since the early 8os. They represented Scotland in the European Junior Ladies' Championship at Gogar Park in 1984. Who was the fourth member of the team which won the bronze medals? (* Answer below)

Here Fran gives ice for her skip's last stone at the sixth. Was it a good delivery? Well, you know how body language is said to be so powerful ..........

..... just look at how Fran's expression has changed a second later!

Serious stuff, but played in the best of spirit. Susan Kesley.

The last moments of the extra end! Susan has just drawn to the back of the four foot. Kim's last play is just about to come past the front red stone, and slip past the shot rock.

It is a shame that someone has to come second. Well played, both teams!

* Shona Wood was lead of the Scottish team in 1984.

Photos © Skip Cottage